...The Fortune's Kippers Process continued

The fish are smoked over a series of fires made from a mixture of oak, beech and softwood, the fragrant oak and beech smoke gently permeates the fish to add flavour and to colour them naturally. It usually takes about 3 fires and 18 hours to complete the smoking process in order to achieve the delectable oaky smoked flavour and the distinctive golden brown colour of a Fortune’s kipper.

It is only after the smoking process has been completed that a herring can finally be called a kipper. After smoking, the kippers are taken directly from the smokehouse to the shop next door, weighed into pairs and are ready for sale. A Fortune’s kipper is a pure natural product; the only added ingredients are the traditional skills of the Fortune family, their pride and commitment to quality.

Fortune’s not only smoke herring but also have other products to enjoy which are available to purchase at the Henrietta Street shop, these include smoked salmon, smoked haddock and smoked bacon which is probably the tastiest smoked bacon you will ever taste! Barry’s wife Liz makes a delicious kipper paté, made to her own special recipe, which is extremely popular with the shop’s customers.