Cooking with Kippers

We are often asked: “How do I cook my kippers?” This is a matter of choice really. You can cook them as you would any other fish, that is, fry, grill, or place in the oven in tin foil, steam, microwave or barbeque them.

However, one very popular traditional method of cooking kippers is a method known as ‘jugging’ and which was demonstrated by The Two Fat Ladies in their television cookery programme. All you do is place your kippers head down in a tall warmed jug and then carefully pour in enough boiling water to cover all but the tails. Cover the jug with a cloth and leave to stand for 5 to 6 minutes, then drain well and serve your kippers on warmed plates with a knob of fresh butter. It’s as simple and delicious as that!

Chefs including Rick Stein in his ‘Food Heroes’ series, the Two Fat Ladies, Gary Rhodes, Brian Turner, James Martin and Tony and Giorgio have all published recipes!